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There are many elements to consider while reaching for comprehensive operational security.  Let us help you navigate this environment, meet your goals, while protecting your people, site, and assets.  Operational security should be effective, easy to manage, and cost efficient. We can help you meet your goals so that you can focus on your core mission

We can identify risk in your system and help to reduce the loss should a vulnerability be exploited. Risk Management is the categorizing (identifying, evaluation, and prioritization) of risks in a given system followed by the production/financial impact if an event takes place.

As cyber security experts, mitigating vulnerabilities is something we do on a daily basis. Let us put our years of experience to work for you. A vulnerability assessment identifies weaknesses in your system, network architecture, or operational processes.

We can develop a spectrum of individualized polices or a comprehensive security program that includes specific procedures and training to help you reduce risk, increase resilience, and protect your business. Security policies are the actions and procedures that establish a culture of inherent security across all operational areas.

We can assist in the response and recovery needed during and after a crisis or event. Actions include data collection, analysis, and assistance with restoration and recovery. Incident response is the ability to recognize and recover from an anomalous event.

We can help you determine the details of an incident or cyber attack, assess damage, identify attack vectors, and put protective measures in place. We work with you, your staff, your data, and your systems, to develop findings and prevent incidents in the future. Forensic analysis is the use of a wide range of techniques and technologies to investigate and identify information after an event.

Let us help you identify and categorize the threats to your operations, facilities, and business. A threat can be a human, an organization, or an event such as a hurricane, that can do harm to your systems and processes. Threats can be intentional and unintentional, and be within the organization, or cause harm from outside the organization.

We can provide a detailed analysis of technical and secondary damages if you are attacked. This includes direct and indirect costs for damage, downtime, or suboptimal production. Consequence & impact analysis identify the losses should an event take place.

We will help you create a plan to make your systems and processes resilient that includes procedures, policies, and training, to keep your business on track and recover from any incident. Business continuity planning includes the procedures, policies, and actions that are in place to prevent security incidents and recover quickly should losses occur.

We offer bespoke private investigations for your organization, including incident support, threat assessments, evidence handling, and background evaluations.


We will assist you in meeting all the operational regulations and industry guidelines. Industry standards are changing all the time, therefore staying up to date is vital to staying productive. Compliance assessment is making sure all the policies and procedures in selected standards are met.

We will help you identify where money should be spent in the right places to maximize your investment in operational technology and security. Cost analysis, or business-cost analysis, is the systematic process for calculating and comparing the benefits and costs of a project, decision, or policy.

We can review your operational system, network, and technology designs, to identify potential vulnerabilities and locate areas to build-in security at the earliest stages of the life cycle. We also review proposed configurations and specifications against accepted standards and best practices and methods. Design assessment is the process for identifying strengths and weaknesses of a system design, including layout, access rules, data flow, etc.

We can use our knowledge and experience to evaluate the physical security of your operational site. We blend physical and cyber security assessments to evaluate total operational security. A physical security assessment is evaluation of the facility, operational processes, and protective mechanisms at your asset locations.

We can teach you and your staff how to monitor your operations and view the complete system to identify possible attacks, new threats, and data anomalies. Situational awareness is the ability to monitor and understand the present state of your operations. Accurate knowledge of system and network events facilitates business continuity.

We can assist in designing the technology that you need for operations, developing technical specifications, or supporting purchasing decisions. Let us help you understand the techno speak and configure the system you need for your business. A vendor technology assessment is a deep dive into understanding a new technology or device and determining if it could optimize operations or increase security.

We can provide customized training programs that educate your staff on cyber security, operational processes, and corporate policies. A training and awareness program is a hands-on or computer-based approach to building an inherent culture of security and assisting personnel in identifying important aspects of cyber security.

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