Operational Security

Operational Security is the merging of critical components to ensure the continuity of operations and business.

Operational security offers the ability to better mitigate risk by addressing interdependencies, applying layers of security, and reducing vulnerabilities across the site as a whole.

Assessing operational security, we rely mainly on the values of the organization and map corporate objectives and business continuity to risk, mitigating as much as possible through a comprehensive view of operational security. Operational security should facilitate operations, rather than hinder them.

Resilience is the new operational objective. Be strong enough to prevent any damage and live through an incident.

  • Resilience includes prevention, protection, resistance, survivability, and recoverability.
  • Resilience is necessary because there is no absolute security, even with a defense-in-depth approach.
  • Consequence analysis is expanding and now includes cyber, physical, and personnel risks from intended or unintended events.
  • All of this makes resilience the goal!

Elements of operational Security

Cyber Security

Physical Security

Personnel Security

Control/Process Security

Policies, Procedures, and Compliance

Foundational Security Decisions

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