Ardua Strategies and Nugen Automation Announce Strategic Collaboration

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Ardua is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with NuGen Automation. Ardua and NuGen provide complementary services within the OT space for critical infrastructure sectors. Ardua provides operational security design, assessment, remediation, and compliance services. NuGen, an integrator, designs, implements and manages control system architectures.

With many shared customers, NuGen has included Ardua’s security recommendations into their standard designs and implementations. Ardua has performed assessments on numerous NuGen architectures, and worked closely with their staff to analyze designs, processes, and compliance requirements.

This collaboration maintains independence and neutrality for each company, but provides a level of efficiency and effectiveness that benefits the customer. Our collaboration facilitates information sharing, knowledge of the architectures, and the ability to deliver accurate findings quickly.

Our shared goal is to provide the highest quality, secure control system architecture, that meets our customers’ goal of inherent operational security and stability while remaining a high-value, cost-effective solution. We look forward to continuing to work together!