Ardua Achieves Class C Private Investigative and Security Consultant Status

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Ardua Strategies is now a Class C, fully licensed Private Investigative and Security Consultation Company. Did you know that many security design services, investigation, and incident response services are regulated in many states? Licensure in these services requires training, testing, background checks, and several years of documented investigative experience.

Ardua is now licensed in the State of Texas, with reciprocity in several other states. Licensing allows Ardua to perform key services to our clients, such as:

  • Forensic analysis and evidence handling
  • Cyber and physical security incident response and investigation
  • Data recovery
  • Surveillance
  • Personnel investigation
  • Threat analysis and investigation

These capabilities continue to add depth to the specialized services that Ardua provides to clients who strive to achieve the highest level of operational security and stability.

We take great pride in our continuing sui generis reputation as a reliable presence among the unique environments and clients that require our expertise.