About Us

Ardua Strategies, Inc. is a woman-owned Texas Corporation. Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions to issues of the critical infrastructure community. Securing elements of the national infrastructure ensures that critical products and services are delivered to consumers. The result is a protected nation with successful businesses and a strong economy.

Our clients range from large to small energy and infrastructure companies including oil & gas, pipelines, water and wastewater, and vendor technologies. We focus on helping companies become more secure through operational continuity. This is accomplished by establishing comprehensive security programs, conducting technology and operational assessments, and achieving standards compliance.

Ardua Strategies builds one-on-one relationships with clients to provide a seamless approach to preparedness, response, and resilience to threats.

Annie McIntyre

President and CEO

Annie McIntyre is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ardua Strategies, Inc., a Texas Corporation, providing solutions for the cyber and operational security issues of energy and infrastructure. Prior to founding Ardua Strategies, Ms. McIntyre was a Principal Member of Technical Staff and Program Manager at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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