EUCI Oil & Gas Cybersecurity Conference, August 2-3, 2017 in Houston.
Annie McIntyre will be speaking in two session and this year’s EUCI Conference:

  • Develop your organization’s cybersecurity protocol
  • Presentation of research findings from the LOGIIC Mobility Project

For more information, or to register, go to:

Ardua Strategies, Inc. is a unique, operational security consulting firm that provides comprehensive solutions to issues of the critical infrastructure community. In addition to full security program and policy development, Ardua performs technical analysis and assessment of control system architectures. Our work focuses entirely on highly critical, operational/OT computing environments, predominantly in the oil and gas industry.

We are seeking motivated, hard-working individuals with a strong computer science background, a knowledge of cyber security, and a desire work with our clients to build resilient operational architectures.

Ardua’s consultants share similar qualities: strong analysis capabilities, solid decision-making abilities, good communication skills, and a desire to see our clients succeed.

Qualified candidates should:

  • Have a background in computer science or information technology
  • Have experience with common cyber security evaluation tools and exploit handling
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent communication skills, including report writing and presentation delivery
  • Understand and adhere to information protection and handling requirements
  • Be able to work independently or in a team environment
  • Have a working knowledge of oil and gas operations, or the desire to expand their knowledge in that field

Full-time or project-based consultant positions are available. Candidate must be a U.S. Citizen and is required to pass a background check and periodic drug testing. Competitive salary and benefits are offered.

Telecommuting options available with required, periodic travel to offices in Texas, including Houston and Lubbock. Domestic travel is required to operational field sites.
Be a part of ensuring the national critical infrastructure is secure and stable.… now and for future generations. Send a resume, portfolio, or inquiries to

Download Ardua Strategies’ Webinar Presentation
Ardua’s Webinar for ENTELEC on Effective ICS Security Practices is available here.

2016 Threat Report Available
Ardua has prepared it’s 2016 Cyber Threat Report for our customers. As we do each year, the 2016 report focuses on trends in threats, emerging risks, and new technologies taking hold. This year’s report also focuses on the oil downturn and effects on security that we have seen industry-wide. If you are an existing Ardua client, contact us for a copy of the report, or we can provide you with the accompanying slide presentation.

Ardua Strategies Technical Lead for LOGIIC
Ardua is pleased to serve as the Technical Lead for the Linking the Oil and Gas Industry to Improve Cybersecurity (LOGIIC) Project. LOGIIC is a consortium of major oil and gas companies and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Since 2011, Ardua has conducted six technical projects with LOGIIC. DHS recently released this video on the latest LOGIIC activities.

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